Wednesday, October 26, 2005


What i'm doing now. I'm sitting on the international bus station in Prague because i'm on my way to visit my sister in Germany for two weeks - that means two weeks of internet access.
Oh, the joy!
If my sister and her wife think that i'll be the soul of the company, they are pretty mistaken, i'll grab their laptop, sit myself in a quiet corner and stay there for the entire forthnight.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

here again

Well, i've been happy too soon. I've lost the job after a week and have been unable to find anything else since then. I've decided to get back to England somehow and stay there, there is no way i would want to be living in this terrible poverty again, but how do i find a place to stay for a couple for months while looking for a job when i have no money to rent a room? There is so much i would like to write about, but can't afford to spend long in the internet cafe.. I hate those mundane worries.